YUCK | March 24, 2017

Mud and spit caused a man to see. That's the story. – "Yuck" is the second video message in a series from the Bishop Rob Wright that we hope can inspire your self-reflections during this season of Lent.  #GrowforLent #LoveLikeJesusEDA #LoveLikeJesus. See all of the Bishop's Lenten For Faith devotionals here

See | March 8, 2017

You can talk about God, Jesus says, without actually seeing God’s movement. – "See" is the first video message in a series from the Bishop Rob Wright that we hope can inspire your self-reflections during this season of Lent. 

 #LoveLikeJesusEDA #LoveLikeJesus
See all of the Bishop's Lenten For Faith devotionals here

suicide prevention | September 7, 2016

"In the Diocese of Atlanta, we are love, acceptance, and hope. Here we value each and every person. I challenge all of us to ask for help when we need help and to listen to those who need to be heard. If you’re hurting, share your story. We’re here for you. We love you.” – Bishop Robert Wright 

INWARD REFLECTION | February 12, 2016


A lenten message from Bishop Robert Wright: “I invite you to the keeping of a holy Lent. How can we set aside time to reflect on what it means to Love Like Jesus?”

Love | FEBRUARY 19, 2016


More than anything: Love. What does it mean to love like Jesus? How do we challenge ourselves to change the way we think of love? We strive to love our neighbor. But what does that truly mean and how can we live that out in the world? How do we extend the kind of love, honor and respect we want for our family to both friend and stranger alike?



What does it mean to be grateful? Let's challenge ourselves to reflect on those things for which we give thanks. In the business of everyday life, how can we mindfully set aside the time to  reflect on all that we have? How do you express gratitude for God's goodness?

give | march 4, 2016


There is abundant generosity within our own hearts. Let us explore how to give more and how to share God’s love with our family, friends, neighbors and community.

LET GO | March 11, 2016


Letting go is a challenge. Let’s explore how to unburden ourselves and create an open space to receive all the blessings that God can provide.  

EASTER & JOY | march 27, 2016

COMPASSION | march 18, 2016


Good conquers evil. Love overcomes hate. Through the most difficult of times, across time and history — even when it feels as if all is lost – hope flickers just beneath the surface.

Go FORTH | March 31, 2016


Let us reflect on and celebrate the sacrifice Jesus made for us and his unfailing love. Over Lent, we've learned what it means to let go, to give, to be grateful, to show compassion and to look inward. And, examined not only the ways we already love others, but also on the ways in which we don't.


Let the exploration into these Lenten themes carry you forward and guide you today and always as we seek to challenge ourselves and the world to Love Like Jesus. Thank you for joining us on this journey. #GrowForLent #LoveLikeJesusEDA

Faith in Action | DECEMBER 14, 2015


Faith is personal and can be expressed in many ways. Here is a glimpse of that expression from individuals within the Episcopal Church in Middle and North Georgia.

All Are Welcome | December 11, 2015


Father Samuel Porras shares what it means to belong to a welcoming and accepting church.

Meeting People’s Needs | DECEMBER 11, 2015


How can we bring Jesus to people? What do people need from church? The Rev. Brian Jemmott discusses the evolving spiritual needs of young people and the church’s obligation to listen carefully and give them a voice.

Partners in Community | December 11, 2015


By working together, we make a bigger impact. Missioner Julie Groce provides inspiration for reaching more people in need through partnership with others in the community.

We are the NOW | DECEMBER 2, 2015


The youth of the Episcopal Church in Middle and North Georgia have a message for you.  Here is how you can Draw the Circle Wider and engage them.

Living Into Our Purpose | November 24, 2015


How do we serve our neighbor? How do we take God’s church to the world? Bishop Robert Wright and other church leaders share what it means to Draw the Circle Wider.

Christ Has No Body But Yours | NOVEMBER 23, 2015


Christ has no body on earth but yours. Yours are the hands. Yours are the feet. Yours are the eyes. This video reminds us that we are all here to Love Like Jesus.

explore your options | March 24, 2015


God has called us to serve passionately. Bishop Robert Wright explains why we are being called. “We are here to put our hands and our heart in the world.”

You are welcome here | March 24, 2015


What does it mean to be member of the Episcopal Church in Middle and North Georgia? Parishioners describe their personal experiences as members of the diocese.