For Clergy: 2017 Lent resources 


2016 Copy:

This Lent, we’re inviting all in middle and north Georgia to participate in a conversation about how to love like Jesus. To be truly effective, we need your help as clergy to spread the word. We’ve gathered these tools to help you in encouraging your parishioners and others to join us and #GrowForLent.

We ask you to:

Create a dialogue around 7 weekly themes within your parish. This could mean you chose to:

  • Talk about it on Sundays or other opportunities. See Weekly Themes. We’ll announce each new theme to the public on Fridays but you can explore a complete list below.
  • Include information in your church bulletin. We’ve typed up all the info so it is as easy as cut and paste.
  • Share information about #GrowForLent on your Facebook and other social media channels. We have pre-made posts for you. We also encourage you to share or retweet posts made by the diocese at X, Y, Z.

Not a social media pro? That’s perfectly okay. We’ve also gathered some tips and step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Feel free to share. If you have suggestions for other resources we can provide, please email:

Have more questions about this #GrowForLent movement? Here’s more info on the FAQs page.