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International Women of Color and Wellness Conference

  • All Saints' Episcopal Church 634 W Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA 30308 United States (map)

Women of color around the world share the common malady of invisibility in many arenas. The state of being invisible contributes to their oppression and leaves them often with no means to advocate for themselves about the major issues that concern them. This state creates a preoccupation with finding the means to survive the day to day challenges of everyday life. Thus there is little to no time to reflect upon personal well being and overall wellness.

This conference is designed to speak to the issues that confront women of color around the world and to offer insights into some of the remedies that can be engaged on a day to day basis even in the midst of the most undesirable circumstances. It will offer strategies for developing daily practices to support the inner capacity that each person has to engage their life in ways to release the energy of resilience and re-invention.

While many women across the world and across history have modeled this process of re-creation and re-invention and left a rich legacy to those of us living in the 21st Century; it continues to be important to have communities of support and to gather with others to re-affirm ones worth and capability to survive and to thrive. This conference will provide that affirmation, tools to help the daily journey and create a network that can continue to support the women who attend as they return to their respective lives.

Weekend Schedule:
Schedule for Thursday, October 24

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Conference Fee: $100 Per Person

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Event Participants:

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The conference is open to any woman who wishes to attend, but the focus will be upon women of color only.