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Walking the Mourner's Path Facilitator Training School

  • St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church 4393 Garmon Road NW Atlanta, GA 30327 (map)

St Dunstan’s Episcopal Church is hosting a three-day Walking the Mourners Path Facilitator Training October 25-27, 2018

Walking the Mourners Path is a unique ministry which started with the question, “where is God in my pain” and the recognition that in many faith communities there is an unmet need for an effective ministry for those in grief. The ministry is based on eight weekly workshops that are Christ-centered. Through the series of workshops, the participants learn they are not alone in their grief and with the ever presence of Christ’s love, healing occurs. They “transform their grief into joyful living”.

“The thoughts and feelings that surge from grief can be very powerful. Most people want the grief to stop so their lives can return to normal, but they don’t want to forget the person they have lost. Walking the Mourner’s Path provides a guided pathway through the grief process that honors both the desire to remember and the need to move forward in life.”

Martha O’Brien, parishioner St. Dunstan’s.

Faith communities that offer the ministry identify at least two individuals to attend a Walking the Mourner’s Path Facilitator Training School. Although clergy are not required to attend a Facilitator Training School, many have found their involvement in the training meaningful and helpful.

In addition to learning about the program, training participants learn how to implement the program by building on existing Pastoral Care ministries.

For more information and registration information please visit the Walking the Mourners Path website, or email Catherine Gilbert, Program Director, at