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Archdeacon & Deacon Directors' Conference

Hilton Garden Inn, Midtown Atlanta
97 10th St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30309

Lifelong Discernment: From Call to Coffin   
Discernment is a skill and daily spiritual practice that every deacon needs.  How do we foster lifelong habits of diaconal discernment?  Can we maximize the skills learned in the new canonically-mandated, post-ordination mentoring period, equipping deacons for a lifetime of discernment about a new diocese, a new assignment, or retirement?  How will lifelong discernment play out in a diaconate that is 50 years long, instead of 15?  Can the new diaconal competencies help shape the questions?  And how might one develop one’s own mentoring skills, so as to best assist productive discernment in the deacons they advise?

Join a panel of persons deep in the business of making this happen on the ground in a variety of settings in The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada, with expert insight in fostering the discernment and development of deacons and other adults in variety of professional settings. 

Every year, AED hosts Deacon Directors and Archdeacons from all over at an annual gathering.  There, these leaders in diaconal ministry assess new best practices in what amounts to an annual learning lab, designed to address issues they face locally.  If you are responsible for deacon formation, supervision or pastoral care in your diocese, the 2017 Archdeacons and Deacon Directors’ Conference (A3D) welcomes you. This event is also open to those persons who hold such authority informally, those spearheading an effort to improve their own local diaconal practices, or those considering renewing the diaconate in their diocese. 

As always, there will be an update on our progress in developing a web-based storehouse of diaconal resources, especially those in the Spanish language.  Finally, we will have ample time to utilize Open Space Technology, an effective method of group facilitation which leads to profoundly productive conversations concerning your own immediate challenges in ministry.

Dates and Time:
A3D begins Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 4:00 PM with a Welcome Reception.  (New Attendee Orientation at 3:00 PM). A3D closes Sunday, March 19 at noon.

Earlier Event: March 12
Later Event: March 18
Contemplative Retreat - "Letting Go"