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Planning for Landings...What to Know and Do Before a Health Crisis, Aging, or Death

St. Patrick's Episcopal Church
4755 N. Peachtree Rd
Atlanta, GA 30338

  • If you are in a medical emergency, who will make healthcare decisions for you?
  • If you have a terminal illness, what choices do you have with regard to healthcare?
  • If you have a stroke or other disabling event, 
  • What types facilities might you spend time in? 
  • How much will it cost? 
  • How will you pay for?
  • Where will you live as you age and need help caring for yourself or loved one?
  • When you die, 
  • What do you want done with your body? 
  • What do you want done with your assets? 

Most of you have probably thought about these questions.  Most people, however, have not made their desires known in writing or updated their documentation for their current situation and current laws.  One way of loving yourself, and those you love, is to make these decisions and plans in advance, and to put them in writing. 

St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church is hosting two days of Life Planning seminars/workshops. Anyone 18 years old or older should attend, both for themselves and their older family and friends.

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