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Progoff Intensive Journal Workshop at the DuBose Conference Center

  • DuBose Conference Center 635 College Street Monteagle, TN 37356 (map)

The Progoff Intensive Journal® method is a powerful tool for self-development and growth, and has been used for years by individuals seeking to dive deeply into personal issues, deal with transitions, and open doorways into spirituality. Join us at the DuBose Conference Center Oct. 29–Nov. 3 for a full immersion into this integrated system of writing exercises. You will gain insight into many different dimensions of your life including personal relationships, career, health, dreams, and life’s meaning.

Though the workshop will be conducted in a group setting, you will work in total privacy. Your facilitator will help to guide you through the process in a non-judgmental, supportive, and low-key manner. 

This workshop is presented without dogma: people of all different backgrounds, interests, and faiths are welcome.

The workshop is divided into three modules. Register for one, two, or all.

Module 1: Life Context (LC) Workshop, Gaining a Perspective on Life

Module I (Sunday & Monday) introduces the Progoff™ method and covers about half the exercises in the Intensive Journal workbook. You will develop an inner perspective and gain greater awareness of major areas of your life, and the dialogue process will provide a unique way to gain feedback and momentum toward a deeper understanding of these areas.

Module 2: Depth Contact (DC) Workshop, Symbolic Images and Meaning in Life

Module II (Tuesday & Wednesday) will deepen your experience as you focus on the exercises in the second half of the Intensive Journal workbook. You will learn how to use Progoff's unique non-analytical method to draw forth messages from your inner symbolic experiences, which can provide important insight into your unfolding life process. You will explore past experiences that had significant meaning, gain insights into your ultimate concerns, and explore major themes in your life.

Module 3: Life Integration (LI) Workshop, Integrating the Life Process

(Thursday & Friday) Experience the cumulative dynamic process created from working with material in one workbook section and how it can lead to entries in other related areas. This progressively deepening process generates an inner momentum and energy as you apply Progoff's non-analytical Journal Feedback techniques. Your workbook becomes an active instrument as you approach situations from different perspectives. New awareness and growth become possible as you realize connections between diverse areas. You are drawing your unfolding life process forward as you move toward greater wholeness and integration. 

The skills learned here will last a lifetime. Working through these modules will introduce you to a soulful and practical companion for working through issues and transitions, but more importantly, for access to deep creative resources that live within you. The method is a genuinely contemplative, meditative process that cultivates deep inner reflection.

Residential and commuter tuition rates are offered, and CEUs are available.